The Auxiliary House HUB

Your Site-Based Ministry HUB of Resources, Teachings, Sermons & Community

What are the benefits of "hosting" a HUB?

  • Join an Auxiliary House HUB for local, weekly gatherings from anywhere in the world
  • Host an Auxiliary House HUB with your family, friends, neighbors or anyone you invite to watch
  • Join services from a home, coffee shop, park, rec-center or anywhere you can get Wi-Fi
  • Connect with services on the Website from any device with an internet connection
  • Download the "iChurch 4 Life" App to watch services from your Android or iOS phone
  • Connect your laptop to your TV with an HDMI cable and join the online services
  • Or, download the "" App on your tablet or SmartTV and search The House of His Glory
  • Give safely and easily from any giving platform - or you can text to give also!
  • Receive the weekly Sunday Bulletin Email with sermon info, prayer topic and much, much more!
  • Get weekly notifications about Teleconference Bible Study or the playback recording link
  • Join our private and online "Life Support Groups" for Men, Women and Young Adults
  • Join the confidential and powerful online group for our Zion Prayer Warriors
  • Get access to private, 1-to-1, Christian-Life Pastoral Coaching at low members' costs
  • Get access to resources, classes, courses, books and teaching media
  • Get notification of all internal and online events, webinars or seminars
  • Receive official recognition as a Local House HUB and connect with other HUBs
  • Connect with local opportunities to serve your community as members of HoHG

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The House of His Glory
The House of His Glory

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a HUB separate from the Church?
No! We are the Church! When you sign up to "start" a HUB you are considered a member of the congregation of The House of His Glory with all the benefits of being a part of our online community!
Are there membership dues?
No! Hosting a HUB is always free! However, like any other member of the congregation, you are free to sow a seed, give offerings or bring your tithe into The House of His Glory in any way or amount that the Lord impresses upon you to do so.
Do I have to host a HUB forever?
No! Of course not! You are under no obligation to The House of His Glory in any way. If at any time you move on to another congregation, or HoHG no longer suits your spiritual needs, just come back to this site and cancel your HUB registration.

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